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Flexible Shoe Storage

Flexi Racks is a flexible shoe rack and shoe storage organiser which gives you the flexibility to organise your shoes in a way that suits your space. It's the only shoe rack designed to fit perfectly in your space where ever that is; allowing you to use up otherwise redundant spaces around your home.

Understairs shoe rack: Perfect storage for awkward spaces

Now you can start putting to good use that narrow alcove next to your wardrobe, the "dead" space underneath the hangings in your closet, that corner of your bedroom with the awkward slope in the ceiling and of course not forgetting that seemingly useless space underneath your stairs that nothing else will fit into! And if an efficient shoe organizer and shoe storage system are what you're after, then you need look no further.

Maximise available space:

The Flexi Shoe Rack comes with revolutionary removable sliding shelves allowing all of your shoes and boots to fit in. This unique feature maximises your space because you are able to use the exact amount of vertical space each pair of shoes or boots needs. Now your flip-flops only use the 2 inches of vertical space they need leaving your knee length boots to use the 16 inches of space they need!

We know shoe organizing is boring and your time is precious - but don't despair, the Flexi Shoe Rack is so easy to put together, that we guarantee you'll be done in minutes or your money back! Its easy "slide-n-click" assembly makes it literally child's play - you'll even enjoy organising your shoes (probably for the first time!)

The multi-purpose, expandable shoe organiser

If you can't resist getting more shoes, you needn't worry about storage as our shoe racks are extendible to accommodate more shoes any time you need extra storage. Just buy the parts you need when you need them and you will always have the storage perfect for your needs.

With your shoes now perfectly organised in your flexible shoe racks, your shoes are not only easy for you to find, they are well preserved, lasting you much longer and saving you loads in the long run! The above claims we make with confidence because thousands of happy customers already own our shoes rack and we know it's the only shoes rack you too will ever need!!